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How Do I Clock In and Out?

If you are not using the timeclock outside of the main office you will be using the Paychex website.

To login please go to https://paychex.centralservers.com

Client Id = 0408K439

Login Id = YOURFIRSTNAMELASTNAME (all together)

If you need your password reset, please email HR.

Remember- You can log in on the website from any Northside computer or/and any other device (cell phone) that is connected to Northside WIFI.

If you are using a phone or tablet; you may be redirected to the mobile site (which we do not have access to), make sure you click on “View Desktop Site”

Where do I find info on day-to-day protocols?

Under Documents tab –> HR –>  ‘Protocol for Staff’ document.

How Do I Take Attendance?

Follow these simple steps:
1. Sign in to PowerSchool from this address: https://nschs.powerschool.com/teachers/pw.html
2. You have two options in order to take attendance:
a. The multi-day selection
b. The seating chart selection
3. For both selections you will click the following options:
UA – Unexcused Attendance – If the student is not present after the bell has rung, use this option.
UT – Unexcused Tardy – Use this option ONLY for first period if the student is late.
ULC – Unexcused Late to Class – Use this option for any student who is late for any 2nd-8th period class.
4. Once you are finished, make sure to hit the ‘Submit’ button or attendance will not be processed.
The video below has step-by-step instructions on how to take attendance.

How Do I Access Powerschool’s Substitute Login?

Link to login address: https://nschs.powerschool.com/subs/pw.html


Follow these simple steps:
  1. Click on School “Northside Charter High School”
  2. Click on the teacher you are subbing for.
  3. Type in ‘Substitute’ as the password.

What is Northside’s Powerschool Web Address?

For teachers:


For substitutes: